Thursday, 15 October 2015

Seabreeze is on the hard at Norship Marine, Port Hinchinbrook, Cardwell for maintenance & some repairs.

Geoff's Seawind & Seabreeze @ Norship

Seabreeze in the travel lift being placed on the hardstand beside Geoff Palmer’s Seawind 1160.

We arrived here yesterday around 0800 & the haul out went without a hitch. High pressure clean, then we did an acid wash to remove all the scum that has formed around the waterline etc from the Johnstone River.

Placed on the hardstand area David started to remove all the hoses, valves & 90 degree bends from the six underwater through hull fittings. Sometimes easy …. sometimes difficult. Ned cleaned the topsides where we couldn’tt get to previously due to being covered by the slings from the travel lift.


Broken gooseneck fitting

The broken gooseneck fitting

Tony, the wiz welder, got to work on repairing the broken gooseneck fitting that we found the previous day. This fitting is under very high loads as it is the attachment point for the boom to mast of the large mainsail. Tony had nearly completed the repair of the fitting within 2 hours. Magnificent.

Fixed gooseneck fitting ready to be installed

Fixed gooseneck fitting ready to be installed